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Meet Ms Evancha!

ECHO is happy to report that Evancha, now Eva, has been adopted by Denise and her family up in Massachusetts. A huge thank you to Eva‘s foster moms: first, Nancy, who stepped up when we needed a quick emergency foster to get Eva out of the shelter, and then to Kaylee who has been an awesome foster mom and continued training Eva. 
Wishing Denise and Eva a long life of health, happiness and fun adventures together!

Here is Evancha’s story, as told by her foster mom, Kaylee:

Meet Ms Evancha! She is an approximately 1 year old, 35lb Australian Cattle Dog. She is as sweet, cute and smart as they come. Evancha is a worker who loves to learn new things and has excellent food and toy drive, which is nicely balanced with an amazing off switch. She will lounge around next to you all day. She is what I would consider a Velcro dog, she shows off her athleticism by easily jumping baby gates so she can stay by your side.

She is about 95% potty trained and 90% crate trained. She will sleep peaceful in her crate within eye sight for as long as you want all night but during the day if she needs to be crated she sometimes has words of disagreement. But with proper training steps in place she is improving everyday. Evancha has an amazing recall, knows sit and down, the starting steps to stay. She is working on having great impulse control at threshold, and is a luring pro with her rights and lefts. She is eager to learn more and be someone’s best friend. She can be a little apprehensive to greet strangers mostly outside the house, but give her a couple seconds to process and she comes around! She is currently living with 2 dog savvy cats and is doing great but if a cat was scared / ran she would want to chase. She also currently is with 4 dogs and gets to hike / interact with a handful of others during the week and is doing excellent. She has shown some guarding behaviors only towards dogs over things she’s deemed high value. But with those things out of the picture she lives great with others. Her favorite spot is right next to you on the couch. She shows great sports prospect or an active pet. She has made tremendous progress here and with continued training and confidence building I see her being an amazing life partner! She is a very special girl.

Crate: is a work in progress she is quiet in her car crate and her bedroom sleeping crate, but can get barky in her down stairs crate. We have been using a treat dispenser to reward quiet behavior with out having to go back into the room and she has been making great progress!

Cats: Good with dog savvy cats would probably want to chase if they were to run but is easy to redirect with a recall.

Dogs: Has been great with the 4 she is living with and has been hiking with about 8 others and has done great! She can be a little guardy over things she feels high value but is okay taking treats with dogs parallel chewing / parallel playing with toys and is good playing with dogs without those high value things in the mix. The guarding is most common around dogs she is not as comfortable with and after she gets to know the dogs it is less common.


People: sweet and cuddly with people where she is comfortable. Is a little more wary of people out and about especially the stranger who appears randomly in the woods. But still very easy to work through with treats and in public places she is willing to take food/ say hi to those people just needs a moment to process / more exposure.

Training: knows sit, down, come. Working on stay, left, right. Has decent manners with offering a sit to go out and at thresholds. She is toy and food motivated. Will work hard for her kibble. And she loves to tug and play fetch.

Exercise: currently she gets one walk a day in the woods for about 45/ an hour. One structure training session and a stuffed toppl for one meal to add some mental enrichment. She is very chill in the house and when her needs are met is a total couch potato. 


Pros: Very sweet natured, highly motivated, people pleaser, athletic, super smart, very loyal and loving. Generally neutral out and about in regards to people and dogs.

Cons: can get anxious with separation from her person but is improving everyday with proper crate training and safe separation.

Please note that no meet & greets will be set up until there is a fully approved adoption application.
If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

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