Saving Herding Dogs


All of us at ECHO have one common passion:  A love of herding dogs. We also all have one common goal:  To save every herding dog we can. This is a huge commitment, one we all take on gladly.

We cannot do this alone. We need help.

We need YOUR help.

Please give generously to these
special dogs


Your gift gets another herding dog out of a shelter.

Your gift moves a herding dog out of an improper home.

Your gift brings a stray herding dog to safety.

Your gift makes a transport from danger to safety possible.

Your gift supports a needy herding dog while they are in a loving Foster home, giving them time to decompress and come into balance.

Your gift provides necessary and oftentimes extensive veterinary care and medications.

Your gift provides food, toys and daily essentials to help a herding dog understand a good life.

Your gift saves herding dogs!


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