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Penny has been ❤️ ADOPTED ❤️ 

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Penny has been ❤️ ADOPTED ❤️ by her foster family!

Penny is one of the 3 amigos and she is ready for adoption!!!. She is currently located in Bucks County, PA. This is what Maureen & Dan Burke, her foster family, have to say about this precious girl:


Penelope “Penny” is a fun-loving girl in search of a family who already has a family dog and would like a playmate for them. Penny can play with dogs bigger than her as she is a tough girl who is presently playing with two male Border Collies who are twice her size. Penny is also extremely responsive to corrections by the other dogs if she gets to be too much for them. She is being fostered with another
Border Collie who is 17 years old and frail. Penny enjoys playing with her but when it gets to be too much, Simmer, the older dog, will tell Penny that she has had enough, and Penny respectfully finds a toy to play with instead.
Penny was Embark tested and she is 51% Cattle Dog and 49% Border Collie. We see both character traits
in her. She will grip (grab onto another dog) when playing with them in the yard, but she will call off if
you correct her or if the other dog corrects her. She likes to herd her friends but if you tell her not to,
she will listen.
Penny is housebroken and will cry to go outside. However, she LOVES to run around the back yard, so
sometimes she will coax you to open the door so she can take a loop around and chase the birds. Penny
is NOT a barker and we have only heard her voice a few times when she has become extremely excited
about a new toy or coming out of her crate when the other dogs are already outside. This lovable dog is
crate trained and is a good eater! She goes readily in the car and rides nicely in a crate. She waits in the
crate for you to put on her leash before jumping out. “PenPen” knows her name, comes when she is
called, knows Clicker, knows the behaviors “sit” and “wait”. She waits to be released to her food and
walks nicely on a leash.
Penny is probably not a “crowded” sports potential. She prefers to do her training in private. She is
sequencing about 3-5 obstacles in agility when she works in our building. But she is still leery of people
and prefers her crate if folks are hanging around. Penny wants someone to throw a ball or Frisbee to
her. She can catch them both! She loves to play with the hose too!
Penny is a GREAT walker! She wears a harness, walks nicely, and is in shape to go for longer walks. She
can walk past people on a walk and has been to parks and is fine with those people if they don’t try to
pet her.
If we were looking for another dog, Penny would be staying. She is a super EASY keeper, and someone
will be very lucky to have her.
She is scheduled to be spayed over the Christmas holidays.

Watch Penny practicing her
jumps and tunnels
and her mat training!

If you have specific questions about Penny that are not covered above, please email us at [email protected].

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