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Meet Spencer

One of the three amigos from Texas! 

Spencer has been ❤️ ADOPTED ❤️ 

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Spencer has been ❤️ ADOPTED ❤️ by his foster family!

Spencer, fka “Duck”, is now available for adoption! He was one of the 3 amigos and is being fostered in North New Jersey. He is 8 months old and will need to be neutered. Here is what Cynthia & Pete, his foster family, have to say about Spencer (as told from his own POV 🙂 )


“Hi – My name is Spencer. I am one of the three Amigos that came from Texas.
I can’t thank this organization enough, because if it wasn’t for all these kind and caring people, I would never have had the opportunity to experience how wonderful and fun life truly is.
I am presently being fostered by a great family which consists of a lot of other dogs, two cats and only two adults. I get to play with so many other dogs which is the best part for me. We get to play “see if you can keep up with me” in the back yard, which I think is great; because boy I can really run fast to keep up with them! I also like to tug with people and the other dogs. I really like food and can sit and share my cookies with whomever is nearby. I have even been with the cats and believe it or not we get along. I do respect one of the cats a lot more, as he is not as friendly as the other one.
I have gone for long walks in a small town, a nearby park that has walking trails, visited agility class -just to watch and went to a few agility trials, where I got to meet some nice people. I have been told that I am a pleasure to walk with because I don’t pull, chase cars, or bark at the other dogs. I am still a bit unsure when a person is approaching, we are still working on that. When we stop to talk to someone, I am very patient and just sit and wait till they are done. I love to go for car rides whether it be in my crate or riding on the backseat with my harness on that is attached to the seatbelt. I share all my toys and chew stuff with the other dogs. I love my crate even though they call it my house. When I am told to get in my house, I go running to it and wait patiently inside (if the door has been left open) because I know there is always a special treat to follow. I have learned a few tricks such as sit, down, flat (which means lay on my side) shake with both front paws, and crawl. We are still working on rollover and hide your eyes.
I am a bit nervous still when it comes to meeting people but if you are patient, I will eventually warm up to you. I hope my forever home has a friend for me to play with, since I really like other dogs a lot.”

If you have specific questions about Spencer that are not covered above, please email us at [email protected].

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