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ECHO is thrilled to announce that Ace has been adopted by Janet and her husband, Gene. Janet is no stranger to ECHOrescue: she adopted Emmett from us four years ago. Ace has hit the forever family jackpot with Janet and Gene. ❤️
A big thank you to Ace’s first foster moms, Carolyn and then long term foster mom Megan. You did an awesome job with him.
We are looking forward to hearing about the fun adventures that Ace will undoubtedly have with his new family 😍😍

Take a look at Ace’s updated bio!!

His foster mom, Megan, has really gotten to know Ace and has made tremendous leaps and bounds with his training! Ace is still looking for his forever home. Video below.

As per Megan:

“This sweet guy has made a lot of progress in his foster home. He’s a very happy guy who’s up for anything you wanna do. Hang out and meet new people? Yes please! Catch a disc or play fetch or tug? Absolutely! Follow his human around the house? Of course! Learn tricks or dog sports? Sure thing!

Ace is good with dog savvy cats and dogs who can handle typical border collie behavior. He regularly plays disc in parallel with his foster brother.

He’s come leaps and bounds with his shadow chasing and is easily managed when his exercise needs are met. He’s lovely to walk on leash both in the neighborhood and on the trails and would make a great running companion.”
Ace is ready for his forever home!

Thanks to his wonderful foster moms, first Carolyn and then Megan, Ace has made great strides with overcoming his OCD tendencies and is ready for his forever home!

Ace is approximately 1.5 year old neutered male, weighing about 48 pounds, up-to-date on shots, heartworm negative, and gets along well with dogs. Ace is a super sweet boy who will do best in a home that will exercise both his mind and his body. As with any dog overcoming OCD tendencies, Ace really likes his patterns and routines.
He would do best in an active home with no small children and no cats (or dog savvy cats)
This is what Megan has to say about Ace:
“With time and routine he’s settled in nicely. I think I could give the right person enough info to successfully find his forever home. He’s such a sweet silly boy. Would love to hangout and adventure anywhere with his person. Social with new people but not over the top. Only jumps up occasionally.
Crate: probably needs to be covered unless house is pretty quiet. My young dog can get him all worked up when she’s out being a goof in the house. Car travel will need to be in a covered crate especially at night with lights flashing by.
Cats: does fine with my dog savvy cat. She trusts him and gets up in his face. I could see him learning to chase or obsess over a cat if allowed to though.
Dogs: friendly just has poor social skills. Will bark at them and rudely bounce in their face. His dog social skills are improving. Some typical BC chasing. Walks fine with my dogs on both short and long lines. Other dogs in house should be very patient or neutral towards him.
Toys: chews a little on bones and antlers, loves the flirt pole, plays a little fetch but prefers a toy he can also tug, he’s a good tugger and is learning to out. Showed some interest in frisbees.
Ace on a picnic table with his friends
Exercise: not a great recall yet. Not super high energy or intense but definitely needs exercise to help with shadow chasing/barking. Needs his daily walk to poo. Really seems to benefit from sniffy walks on a long line. Not much of a puller. Easily walks by barking dogs in neighborhood. Will chase critters. He’s confident in any environment I’ve taken him to. Has gone running with me both on a regular leash and canicross style. Great hiking buddy.
First week in a new place will probably be a little rough but then he settles into the routine.”
Ace sitting

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