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Meet Yara!

ECHO is thrilled to let you all know that Yara, now Nora, has found her forever home with Georgiana in Pennsylvania. Nora was in the New York City Cacc, and has hit the jackpot with her new home. Have a wonderful life Nora! Can’t wait to hear about your future adventures.

Here is Yara’s story, as told by her foster mom, Cindy:

Yara is a super smart, beautiful 1.5 year old Border Collie girl. Very food motivated. Not toy motivated yet. She is about 40 lbs.

We have been fostering Yara since Thanksgiving weekend. She has settled in well. We don’t know much about Yara’s background. We do know she lived with another dog. I am confident with time and training Yara will be a great companion. Her nose is always working so she might enjoy nose work. She is athletic so probably will be up for anything. She wants to please and tries her best.

Yara is housebroken and crate trained. Most of the time she will wait for an okay to leave her crate. She does bark while in her crate if she needs to potty or if the other dogs are running around the room. She is good in the house under supervision. She will settle in the kitchen while I cook, etc. Yara does counter surf but we are working on that. She also likes to steal shoes, socks and the dust pan. She hasn’t chewed them, just steals them.

Yara needs lots of exercise. She doesn’t have much stamina yet. I give her a few short walks/runs a day. Yara will need mental stimulation every day! I have been working on easy things. Sit, wait, down, left and right. She is learning to sit and wait at the door and gates. She loves the interactive Outward Hound game I have. Yara is super smart and lots of fun to train. You will need to be as smart as she is or she will train you in no time. Yara is not for the first-time dog owner or first time Border Collie owner.

Yara does not play with my dogs yet. I want to get to know her better. She does seem to be dominant.

Yara will probably chase cats. She did back off my barn cat when she hissed at her. Every time we go outside, she looks for the cat.

Yara is cautious in new situations. With time and patience, she will gain more confidence. She had no issue in a quiet pet store and did want to interact with the people working there. I will be taking her to busier places over the next few weeks/months. Yara rides well in a crate in my minivan. Yara is confident in the house and yard. She likes to watch the vultures overhead.

The shelter was told she is food aggressive. I feed her in her crate so have not seen that. She eats quietly in her crate. Even backs up when I put the food in. That is not something I taught her. She likes pumpkin and yogurt. 

We enjoy fostering Yara. She is a big puppy at heart and loves spending time with us. She makes us laugh as she runs down the stairs in two or three leaps. At night she runs up to her bedtime crate and sits and waits for her treat.

She still does have some maturing to do.

Yara was just in season and still needs to be spayed.

Please note that no meet & greets will be set up until there is a fully approved adoption application.
If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

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