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Frank has been

❤️ Adopted ❤️

Ace sitting


ECHO is happy to announce that Frank has also been adopted by his foster family! Here is what his new mom says:

“Well since it’s national puppy day, I guess I can now introduce this guy. Meet Frank our foster fail. We officially adopted this lovable face. Never saw myself as a dog person(anyone who knows me knows my obsession with cats)however couldn’t imagine our house without him ❤️

Meet Frank! What a great boy!

In NJ (but can travel to surrounding states!)

Raff nka (now known as) Frank is looking for a new foster home or furever.

Frank’s current foster family loves him and he has shown some remarkable skills! He would love to be part of a sports household!

Frank does not do well with cats, and his foster family is getting worried for their kitties’ safety. He does enjoy playing with smaller dogs but is leery of those larger. He is very people focused and will spend much of his time following you around.


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